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HOW TO USE create-batch in KNU Tier-3

This page is for create-batch command in KNU Tier-3 UI( or

Before submit, set cmsenv first!

1. go to CMSSW and set cmsenv

$ cd CMSSW_X_Y_Z/src
$ cmsenv

2. if you have valid python configuration file for cmsRun, do

$ create-batch --jobName JOBNAME --fileList FILELIST.txt --maxFiles N --cfg --queue cms

3. Following lines are options

 Mandatory options :
  --jobName  NAME                  Name of job
  --fileList DATA_FILES            File list text file
  --maxFiles N                     Maximum number of files per job
  --cfg    Configuration file

 Optional :
  --queue QUEUE_NAME               Set the batch queue name
  -n                               Do not submit jobs to batch
  --transferDest OUTPUT_LOCATION   OUTPUT DIRECTORY (/store will be assumed to SE)
  -g                               Grid certificate is required
  --maxEvent N                     Maximum number of events per job (-1 by default)
  --transferFiles                  Additional files to transfer

fileList format example :

$ vi fileList.txt

fileList format example( if samples in Storage Element) :

$ vi fileList.txt